Geothermal power is a clean source of renewable energy. Here in Iceland, we're blessed with an abundance of naturally-warm sources of water. And we definitely have learned to love it!

What is geothermal water?

Geothermal water is heated naturally beneath the earth's surface. Often in Iceland, as in other places, it rises naturally to the surface, bringing with it a high mineral content. It's then distributed and used for heating homes, schools, greenhouses and pools. There are two tectonic plates meeting below the surface of Iceland; the North American and Eurasian plates have a turbulent meeting point. That geological friction creates heat which then results in an abundance of geothermally-heated water. The earth heats the water all by itself.

What are the healing powers of geothermal water?

Soaking in these waters is good for the mind, body and soul. Here are some reasons why it feels so good:

1. The Skin

Our bodies are covered in a protective shield that's also porous. Skin absorbs what surrounds it, the good and the bad. The waters of Sky Lagoon contain minerals that can detoxify and can help remedy skin ailments. So soaking can be beneficial to your skin. Coupled with the signature Sky Body Scrub at The Ritual at Sky Lagoon, your skin will feel fresh, clean, and be aglow!

2. The Heat

The warmth of hot water can help alleviate pain sensations. Science has shown that soaking in hot water blocks pain receptors in bones and muscles. You'll experience heat during a number of the steps in The Ritual. Each is specifically aimed to promote wellbeing.

3. The Good Vibes

While it's tempting to drift into a serene solitude while soaking in geothermal warm water, it's also a great place to connect with others. Iceland's hot pools have served as a form of community for hundreds of years. People gather in the warmth to visit, catch up, share and collaborate. And we all know how important it can be to our wellbeing to stay connected to others. After The Ritual, relax with friends and share the feeling of wellness.

4. The Relaxation

Soaking in warm water can be deeply restorative. It can help reduce stress, bring a sense of peace and serenity. And by combining a warm soak with a cooling experience like our cold plunge, you're upping your chances of a great night's sleep. The seven-step Ritual at Sky Lagoon is optimized to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

5. The Clarity

The heat of our water combined with minerals helps release nasal and lung congestion in powerful ways. You'll emerge breathing clearly and deeply. Take a deep breath!

Spending quality time in warm waters is good for us, on the inside and the out. Make time to slow down and join us at Sky Lagoon to reap these benefits and many more, here where the sea meets the sky.

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