Iceland at its best is an experience in nature, beauty, wonder and warmth. And while the climate is often stormy and wild, there's a quiet warmth here in Iceland that supports wellness on every level.

Here are some reasons Sky Lagoon is the quintessential Icelandic experience.

1. Old meets new

There's a modern element to Sky Lagoon that's warm and inviting. But at each turn, you'll notice unique and historical elements. For example, the turf-house inspired architecture includes a wall built with a herringbone pattern made by layers of turf (grass and the surface layer of earth held together by its roots). It's the traditional method in Iceland and is rarely used in modern structures. It was important to weave the old into the new at Sky Lagoon.

A row of turf houses below cloudy skies.

2. Healing warm waters

Natural hot springs can be found in every corner of Iceland. After all, there are more hot springs here than anywhere else on Earth! Dating back to the early settlers, the Sagas tell of Icelanders taking to these warm waters for relaxation and wellbeing. Soaking in lovely warm waters in the great outdoors is just part of the Icelandic DNA.

3. Coastal vibes

While the interior highlands and glacial peaks are spectacular, Iceland is a coastal nation, with more than 4,800 km (3000 miles) of stunning and rugged coastline. You're never more than an hour or two from the coast. And while it's had a major influence in the industrial development of Iceland, the coastal waters of the North Atlantic have also brought a strong sense of identity to this island country. The sea, with its storms, its moody skies and its promise of isolation, is ever-present. Soaking in the warm waters overlooking the coast just south of Reykjavík gives time and space to gaze at the sea and see how it inspires you.

A small dock off the coast of a green land.

4. Simplicity in design

Like its other Scandinavian neighbours, Icelanders embrace a simple and natural ethic in terms of design and style. But with a panache for the bold, it's modern and minimal yet rustic and warm. Colours reflect the landscape (grey-blues, deep greens, whites and creams) and textures, like precious metals and wood, bring warmth. These are all the core elements of the Sky Lagoon design, which weaves together tradition and modernity.

5. Local cuisine

From the tasting menu in the Smakk Bar to teas infused with local herbs, food at Sky Lagoon is about slowing down and connecting with Iceland. The sensory experience of flavourful and locally-sourced food can enhance the deep relaxation and wellbeing of The Ritual experience, and deepen your exploration of Iceland.

A wooden board of cheese and fruits.

6. Þetta Reddast

It's the classic Icelandic credo and it's based on a belief that 'everything works out in the end'. Reduce stress by believing problems will find their solution, and that adversity is never unsurmountable. Take time to relax and enjoy life.

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