What you need to know before you visit Sky Lagoon

Find out key information to help you get ready for your Sky Lagoon experience.

Upon arrival, you will be given a wristband that works as your locker key as well as a credit card for all purchases during your SKY experience. When you book, we’ll attach your credit card to this wristband. It also allows you to exit at the end of your experience.

There is no age limit but children under 16 years of age must visit with a guardian. The height limit for children to access the Sky Lagoon is 100 cm (3’2” ft).

We recommend that families use the Sky Pass’ premium changing rooms for space and privacy.

The Lagoon is approximately 38–40°C (100–104° F). Icelandic weather can often have a dramatic effect on the guest experience and the temperature can vary.

At its deepest point, the lagoon is 120 cm (4’9” ft).

Yes. Our facilities are wheelchair accessible. This includes accessible change rooms, showers and a chairlift for entering the lagoon. We also offer private changing spaces for guests that prefer a more private changing environment.

If you have any underlying disease (cardiovascular disease or high/low blood pressure), contact your physician for advice before entering the lagoon. If you have epilepsy you will need to inform our staff members in the reception before entering.

We have two tiers of changing facilities:

  • “Pure” has shared showers and changing area.
  • “Sky” has private showers and changing area.

Showering is required before entering the lagoon. Bathing suits are obligatory—we offer rentals and new ones for purchase. Towels are free of charge for all guests. Hairdryers are available in both.

It’s very important that you stay hydrated during your visit to Sky Lagoon. This will help ensure you get the most out of your experience and stay healthy.

You’ll find drinking water fountains in changing rooms and at the Lagoon. Drinks are also available for purchase at the Lagoon Bar.

Please limit alcohol consumption to three (3) alcoholic drinks per adult while you’re enjoying the lagoon. Anyone who is intoxicated is not allowed to access the lagoon.

We recommend that you do not arrive at Sky Lagoon with an empty stomach. Eat something light and nutritious to get the most out of your experience. Snacks are available at Sky Café.

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